Veterans Educational Historic Monument
The Veterans Educational Historic Project is being administered through a partnering arrangement with the Initiative Foundation, a charitable nonprofit Foundation with headquarters in Little Falls, MN.

Marine Corps Painting is signed

It’s always a big deal to sign off on a painting, the final brush stroke completes it.

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Marine Corps dedication and unveiling: Saturday May 26th; 2:30 PM

The public is invited to the public dedication and unveiling of the Marine Corps painting, the fourth of five 8 X 10 ft paintings, which will join three previously completed ones, Army (2011), Navy (2014) and Coast Guard (2016).Veterans and active duty military serve as models, and this painting also includes a small portion of soil brought back from Mt. Suribachi, where the iconic Raising the Flag photo on Iwo Jima was taken. The artist used the small portion of soil to grind in with paint as part of the depiction of the 1945 Marine Corps flag-raising there in 1945.

The dedication and ceremony program includes Veterans and active duty personnel, dignitaries, Marine Corps re-enactors, and the artist. Refreshments will follow the formal program. Attendees currently include Brigadier General Lowell Kruse, Camp Ripley; David P. Swantek, Senior Administrator of Memorial Affairs (MDVA); Erik B. Sogge, Cemetery Administrator (MDVA); Veterans and active duty personnel depicted in painting: Roy T. Edwards Col. USMC (Ret.); Holly Zabinski, Major USMC; Cory Engen, Sgt. USMC (Ret.); Quintin Sam, Sgt. USMC (Ret.); Charles Gilbert Kapsner, Artist; Greg Zylka, Mayor of Little Falls; Military Honor Guard: Valhalla Detachment, Marine Corps League, St. Cloud

LOCATION: Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery Committal Hall, 15550 Hwy 115, Little Falls, MN

For additional information please contact:

Bill Osberg, U.S. Navy Veteran (320) 360-1993

Phil Ringstrom, CDR, USNR, retired (320) 247-2416

Sands of Iwo Jima exciting addition to Marines painting

Sands of Iwo Jima exciting addition to Marines Veterans painting

Good bye Florence Kapsner

The Monument Committee grieves the loss, and celebrates the life of Florence Mary Kapsner (February 12 1923 – April 20, 2018) . Florence was past president of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary.

Marine Corps painting, March



Marine Corps painting as of March 4, 2018. Lots of focus on the figures in the lower right.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Continuing to put some heart and soul into the painting, where you’ll note the bottom right section is really starting to take on some paint.

MC feb2018

Shiver Elk River Polar Plunge! FUNdraising success!

GO JUMP IN THE LAKE! AND THEY DID! Five brave members of our military joined ranks in support of the Monument by LITERALLY jumping in a very frozen Lake Orono in Elk River, and raised over $1,000! Unreal! And to top it off, they wore colorful wigs and coordinating hula skirts. TALK ABOUT THE BOLD NORTH! The sun was out but the temperature was a lovely 15 or so…THANKS Bill, Aaron, Levi, Lauren and Wayne for your commitment not only in fundraising, for sticking it out, but for your service to our Country!IMG_20180210_144004041.jpg