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As Memorial Day weekend nears

Notes from the artist…as Memorial Day nears…

I pondered that I have accompanied a painting, or sketches therein, to each Memorial Day celebration at the Cemetery for the past 10 years. As the Monument nears completion, I realize that this will be the last one where only four of the paintings hang, because next year all five will be installed, and this project will be a part of my past.

I reflect that 10 years of my life have been spent in front of a very large canvas, telling visual stories of outstanding women and men of all branches, and I am near the end of the final one. I remain honored to be a part of this, to have women and men of all branches of service serve as the models, and share their stories with me during our time in the studio.

With the fundraising complete, I reflect on the tremendous commitment of the volunteer fundraising committee members who spent countless hours raising the money to get each and every painting paid for. To the donors who believed it would be done–the many individuals, service organizations and businesses both small and large, Veterans and Veterans organizations. Each day is a countdown to completion, celebration and a tinge of bittersweet.

But I still walk into my studio each day, canvas in front of me, paintbrush in hand, to finish the stories told to me, and capture the final ones. The final figure will begin to be painted in this week.

The painting awaits the final figure to be painted in.

The final image is on the canvas.

Memorial Day at the MN STATE VETERANS CEMETERY: SUNDAY MAY 26th–1:30