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A really COOL twist on raising funds!

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Whether you follow the Monument regularly, or stopping in to see what’s up, here’s a new twist. Given the artist is starting on painting #4, the Marine Corps, it’s an ongoing project to raise the funds. On Saturday, February 11th one of the newer members of the Fundraising committee, Levi Ackley, (Air Force) literally took a plunge at “Shiver Elk River” to raise over $400 by jumping into a lake! In his Captain America t-shirt, Levi proved that superheroes are all around us!Watch the click by click photos of the jump. And congratulations to Levi for this creative fundraiser! We hear he’s recruited some folks to jump next year!


Shiver Elk River Fundraiser!

A new twist on raising funds for the Monument comes via one of the fundraising committee members, Levi Ackley, who is taking the plunge at the Shiver Plunge on Saturday, February 11th at 3 PM at Lake Orono in Elk River. It’s one of those way out there fundraiser ideas, and Levi’s enthusiasm and courage are remarkable! So rather than freezing yourself, support Levi’s courageous jump by Donating to Levi!!