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Happy New Year


Marine Corps painting as of 12/21.

As the year winds down, we take time to thank all the women and men who are serving all around the world. To our Veterans, we are grateful. To the families who wait for the safe and healthy return of their loved ones, we say thanks. With our hopes to a joyful and peace-filled new year.




Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Marine Corps Veteran Quintin Sam to become part of Minnesota History

Read this wonderful Story story by Vivian LaMoore in the Mille Lacs Messenger about Quintin Same, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe and Marine Corps Veteran and his role in the project.



Congratulations and Farewell Colonel Scott St. Sauver!

After an outstanding 37-year career with the National Guard, Colonel Scott St. Sauver is heading a new direction, as ever with his wife Debra. His military career is one lauded by many, and the Project is another one to do so. Colonel St. Sauver’s support over the past years, his attendance at events where the paintings were showcased, his inclusion of the artist at the annual NOREX exchange, and countless other ways he has helped to promote it are appreciated in ways that no words, spoken or written, can adequately describe. You are one of the most genuine people I have ever come to know, and your leadership is peerless.

On behalf of the Veterans Educational Historic Project, I extend deepest thanks to Colonel St. Sauver, and Debra as they, together, toss a line in the water and travel this great land together. Your friendship is the gift of a lifetime.

 Charles Gilbert Kapsner


Marine Corps update

Fall is in the air, and hints of brilliant color are tagging the trees, and the painting is also reflecting more colors.


Models behind the scenes, who are they?

The paintings depict the stories of the men and women of the US military, and include both active duty personnel and Veterans. These short videos capture interviews with two models: Staff Sgt. Corey Engen (Ret.), United States Marine Corps. Engen is employed at the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery, and Major Holly Zabinski, United States Marine Corps Aviator. Listen below to their stories.

St. Cloud lends support to Monument

The Saint Cloud Times provided excellent coverage on the Monument. READ STORY HERE

Minnesota Power Donates $10,000

The Veterans Educational Historic Monument received a $10,000 check from Minnesota Power. “Minnesota Power was excited to give the donation to the Veterans Art Project,” said distribution engineer Kelly Desormey. The Monument fundraising committee is grateful for this generous donation made by Minnesota Power!


MN Power check donation 0517

Pictured during the announcement in April are, L – R: Minnesota Power employees Aimee Curtis, Pat Mullen and Kelly Desormey. Also pictured, Susy Prosapio, Monument fundraising committee; Jack Peck and Duane Schwanke, Minnesota State Veterans Memorial Association,  and Phil Ringstrom, Monument fundraising committee co-chair. (Photo credit: Staff Sgt. Anthony Housey, MN National Guard)

Marine Corps Update

Marine Corps painting March 21, 2017

It’s springtime in Minnesota, and the Marine Corps painting is taking shape! Jungle scene, initial figure, and loads more to go.

A really COOL twist on raising funds!

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Whether you follow the Monument regularly, or stopping in to see what’s up, here’s a new twist. Given the artist is starting on painting #4, the Marine Corps, it’s an ongoing project to raise the funds. On Saturday, February 11th one of the newer members of the Fundraising committee, Levi Ackley, (Air Force) literally took a plunge at “Shiver Elk River” to raise over $400 by jumping into a lake! In his Captain America t-shirt, Levi proved that superheroes are all around us!Watch the click by click photos of the jump. And congratulations to Levi for this creative fundraiser! We hear he’s recruited some folks to jump next year!


Shiver Elk River Fundraiser!

A new twist on raising funds for the Monument comes via one of the fundraising committee members, Levi Ackley, who is taking the plunge at the Shiver Plunge on Saturday, February 11th at 3 PM at Lake Orono in Elk River. It’s one of those way out there fundraiser ideas, and Levi’s enthusiasm and courage are remarkable! So rather than freezing yourself, support Levi’s courageous jump by Donating to Levi!!